This feature length historical documentary is the story of the Ohio Company of Associates, a group of Revolutionary War officers and soldiers, and how, in 1788, they first opened the door for westward expansion of the new United States.  At Marietta, Ohio, they began the first legal, organized American settlement in the old Northwest Territory.


“Opening the Door West” was produced by Shelburne Films in association with WOUB-TV (PBS) to tell this crucial episode of American history. This is the first time in over 150 years that the story of Ohio’s unique first settlement has been told for a popular audience.


This web site contains in depth information about the production including profiles of the 11 authors and scholars contributing their knowledge, complete cast and crew credits, a list of filming locations, as well as production photos and additional visuals.  Also, some of the many computer generated 3D graphics depicting how the first settlements and buildings looked are shown as stills with some additional explanation.

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